Zooting Defined

by michela wariebi

Zooting is a Liberian colloquial term for being stylish, well-groomed, and smartly dressed.  Back home, when someone say “you like zooting business,”  they are referencing your consistent delivery of keen ensembles accompanied by a demeanor that perfectly matches your well executed style without being contrived.

Zooting also stems from the zoot suits of the 1940’s where the broad shoulders, small waist, and ballooned pants were an out right act of rebellion from men of color who at the time were expected to be unseen and unheard.  What we wear can easily effect how we feel and zoot suits bred a sort of confidence that was invaluable to a group of people that were battling for their very existence.

And ultimately isn’t that what we battle for on a daily basis?  For our very existence?  For the opportunity to truly be ourselves?  One of the fundamental ways to express oneself is through one’s appearance.  It’s a part of your message that you constantly send to the world.

I for one, choose to send a message of my freedom to be who I am and everyday coming closer to who I want to be.  I like zooting business.