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Book Work – Witches in East Harlem

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This was the first shoot that I had in 2013.  It has to be one of my favorite shoots to date.  I pray that this is a foreshadowing to the type of work that I will be creating moving forward.

Makeup – Michela Wariebi

Wardrobe Styling – Leanne Woodley

Hair – Seven Knows

Photographer – Jessica Horewood

Models – Lena Fawn; Julija Gradauskaite


Book Work – Mod Maven

Makeup – Michela Wariebi

Wardrobe Styling – Leanne Woodley

Hair – Anthony Payne

Photography – Jennie Bregande

Book Work – The Golden Child

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Makeup – Michela Wariebi

Wardrobe Styling – Michela Wariebi

Photographer – Luis Deandre

Hair – Stephen Hudson

Model – Nejilka Arias

Summer Glow in Winter Gloom


The wind is whipping and the cold is biting.  Winter has done nothing short of assaulting your skin and your warm climate sensibilities.  You’ve never wished for anything more than you’re wishing for the divine intervention that is summer weather.  Summer sun may be out of your reach, but a proper summer glow is always achievable.

The summer glow process starts in the most unlikely place, the kitchen.  Your diet is going to play a large role in how your skin reacts to the harshness of winter weather.  Foods rich in “good” fats are great for skin.  A diet that includes a regular intake of foods like avacado, tuna, salmon, mackeral, and olive oil will lend to healthier skin that naturally glows.  And of course, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the cornerstone of all glowing philosophies, water.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of consuming a large amount of water everyday.  I won’t tell you some quota of acceptable amounts, but you should make restroom breaks frequently.   It’s really just that simple.  Drink lots of water and your skin will look better.

Then we have the products, which along with your newly renovated skin will give you a summer glow that rivals your favorite Brazilian bombshell.  There is a simple 3-step product process in achieving the perfect summer glow without the help of the sun.

  1. Hydrate
  2. Add color
  3. Bronze

Winter weather will sap moisture out of your skin within instants of stepping outside.  Dry, cracking skin is the antithesis of glowing, so it is essential that you give your skin an amped up moisturizing and hydration routine to maintain the same level of moisture common during warmer weather.  Some of my favorite winter moisturizers are Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.


Next, you want to mimic the natural color gained after days in the summer sun.  Using a little of your favorite blush in a berry shade as a blush warm any winter worn face to summer greatness!  The deeper your skin tone, the deeper the tone of blush used. My top choice for the season is Nars’ “Montenegro” cream blush.  The tone keeps me rosy while the texture keeps me looking natural!


Finish off with your favorite bronzer across all areas hit by the sun, your forehead, cheekbones, and nose. For those of you with a bit of texture on your skin, avoid bronzers with reflective finishes, as those particles will enhance problem areas.  My current choices are Cargo powder bronzer and for a more economical choice, Ruby Kisses All Over Body Glow!



Simple steps to a summer glow in winter gloom.  Ready. Set. Glow!

Book Work – “Lady” Institute Magazine Editorial

New editorial featured in Institue Mag.  Click the photo to see the full series. Great work with Kia Chenelle as photographer Abigail McCreary as wardrobe stylist.

Rant: Your Path

It’s so easy to lose focus and become consumed by what is happening in the lives of people around you.  One can easily begin to compare your own accomplishments or lack there of, to those of others.  Thus beginning an epic pity-party where you and your feelings are the only attendants. One of the many problems here is that if you are focused on what others are doing, how can you be focused on what you need to do to improve the very situation that makes you compare your life to the lives of others?

We must remember that we are individuals who are fated to traverse a life that is and will always only be our own.  You can not walk anyone else’s path and they can not walk yours.  Celebrate the opportunity to live a life that no one else can live. 

Book Work – Re: Mag Editorial

Editorial from Re: Mag

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Zooting Defined

Zooting is a Liberian colloquial term for being stylish, well-groomed, and smartly dressed.  Back home, when someone say “you like zooting business,”  they are referencing your consistent delivery of keen ensembles accompanied by a demeanor that perfectly matches your well executed style without being contrived.

Zooting also stems from the zoot suits of the 1940’s where the broad shoulders, small waist, and ballooned pants were an out right act of rebellion from men of color who at the time were expected to be unseen and unheard.  What we wear can easily effect how we feel and zoot suits bred a sort of confidence that was invaluable to a group of people that were battling for their very existence.

And ultimately isn’t that what we battle for on a daily basis?  For our very existence?  For the opportunity to truly be ourselves?  One of the fundamental ways to express oneself is through one’s appearance.  It’s a part of your message that you constantly send to the world.

I for one, choose to send a message of my freedom to be who I am and everyday coming closer to who I want to be.  I like zooting business.

Why I’m zooting and why you care.

I am Michela Wariebi, a makeup artist and vintage dealer based out of NY with roots in MD, but born and partially bred in Liberia. WEll, being rasied in a Liberian household is pretty close to being raised in Liberia, but I digress.  I love to dress up and live for a well beat face.  I wear sequin in the day time and can stuff a cornish hen at least 5 different ways.  I am a master thrifter and I literally salivate at the thought of good crafting.  I like zooting business.

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