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Roque Cozzette – It’s So Much More Than Makeup


I’ve battled with how to approach this post; this letter of appreciation.  I was not sure how to give these flowers.  Somewhere over these years that I have become a part of the pro beauty community in NY and specifically a part of The Makeup Show family, I became acquainted with the amazingly talented Roque Cozzette.  And initially, that’s was the extent of what I knew about him.  I knew his work, which was nothing short of phenomenal, and I knew he owned a brand Cozzette (get the brushes and get them now), but a hi and goodbye was the extent of it all.

Something in this world saw fit that I should be able to become more personally acquainted with Roque. And that I should have the opportunity to share conversations and interactions with him that have proven to always be thought-provoking, uplifting and absolutely sincere. It is an undeniable pleasure to respect an artist for their artistic vision and creations only to come to know more of them and to be equally if not more grateful for who they are.

So fast forward to my having a desire to want to learn how to airbrush, correctly.  I reached out to Roque, encouraged by a previous conversation with him sharing this very desire. (The laws of attraction are real).  He agreed to give me a lesson and we scheduled to meet at Alcone Co. in NYC for a little pro beauty education.  To say that I was excited may be the euphemism of the century.  I was elated at the thought, but Roque had so much more in store than I expected.

Roque is a spiritualist and is known to incorporate some of his practices into his makeup education, however I had no expectation beyond receiving basic technical instruction.  Prior to our meeting date Roque reached out informing me of the spiritual/personal development aspect that would be a portion of my class as well as asking me to develop a makeup affirmation statement regarding what would happen as a result of me learning to airbrush.

Y’all!  I was not even ready!  I’ve come to understand the importance of conscious thought, affirmation, and documentation in creating your life. For an educator to recognize the importance of including that element along with technical development was beyond inspiring.  The levels of elation continued to increase.

The class itself was absolutely wonderful.  We began with Roque giving a demo on a full beauty airbrush including perfecting skin, contouring and even eyes.  Using a synergy of traditional application techniques with his Infinity cream foundation then topped with airbrush makeup using Kett Cosmetics, he completed a stunning face while we did a live Periscope session!  The demo was extremely informative, but not so much so that it was overwhelming.

The ease with which Roque speaks about airbrushing, both the application technique and the mechanics of the equipment are a true testament to his vast knowledge on the subject.  He also gave me a manual he created that is so chuck full of invaluable information that it could easily be a published book (cough, cough). This man know his stuff if a way that will have you wanting to step you entire skill set up.

Next, myself, Roque and the staff of Alcone did a Wheel of Life exercise to help us gain a clearer understanding on areas where we should focus our energies in improving the quality of our respective lives.  Who has that in a makeup class?  Roque does and that is why what he has to offer is so one of a kind.

Every wonderful artist is not an educator.  And every educator will not give you more than technical knowledge.  Roque has the gift of being an artist, educator and spiritualist who greatly understands the importance of total growth as a person in order to truly grow as an artist.  He understands that we must strive to be our highest selves in order to execute our greatest potential.

I’ve said so much and I really could say so much more.  I don’t know if my experience with Roque is the same that others may have, but I do know that who he is and what he has to offer as an educator of artists and simply to any person, is invaluable.  He just has a way of helping others to see the world, life and themselves in a new and infinite way that is subtle, non-intrusive and so sincere.  He has a gift that is never-ending and he is so open to pour some of it into others.  If you are looking to ascend wholly as an artist, I strongly suggest you seek to learn from Roque Cozzette.

Roque, I thank you for you.

Now, go check out his site and support this amazing artist and educator! Shop Cozzette



Book Work: Twiggy Inspired Beauty

I recently did a beauty test with a local NYC modeling agency and beyond clean beauty I was completely stuck on what I should do as a second look.  Come early morning before the shoot and I still had nothing.  It then randomly occurs to me that the model looks like Twiggy…and BOOM you have a Twiggy-inspired beauty shoot.




Skin: For the skin I prepped with Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate.  I used Mehron Makeup HD Celebre Foundation and set with Cover FX loose setting powder. I created a flush on the cheeks by using the Mehron cream C.H.E.E.K. cream color before setting with powder and them lightly dusting a similar colored powder blush over the apples of the cheeks after powder. I created a soft glowing highlight using Mehron Precious Gems Powders in Citrine and Diamond.

Lips:  Lips are MAC Naked Liner topped with a random OCC beigey lip tar.

Eyes: And of course, Twiggy’s iconic eyes!  I created the graphic lines using the cream base in Obsidian from I Make You Beautiful.  The white in the waterline of her lower lashline was created using a Ruby Kisses white luxury liner over another I Make You Beautiful cream base in White Noise.

Lashes: (yes, I realize lashes are part of the eyes) These were a custom lash creation using all Kiss iEnvy lashes. I cut up and laid the lower lashes according to how I wanted to shape her eyes.  The top lashes are a stack of Kiss lashes in about 3 styles also chosen based on how they would impact eye shape.  Twiggy was known for large open rounded eyes and I wanted to be sure to recreate that effect.

I absolutely enjoyed creating this look and have a bit of an obsession with graphic lines and lashes at the moment. I ended up recreating the look for the “A Night of Mehron Makeup” during The Makeup Show NYC 10 year anniversary celebration.  Pretty exciting stuff! Twiggy is officially one of my favorite iconic makeup looks.